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Yugandhar depicts the story of Sri Krishna, from his very first day in Gokul to his wives, sons, and the interactions he made with other influential people. If you are someone who is interested in the story of Krishna and wants to know about his personality and personal traits in detail, this book is for you. You can download Yugandhar book pdf from here.

yugandhar book pdf
Book title Yugandhar
Author Shivaji Sawant 
No. Of pages 600 pages
PDF Size 1.7 MB 
Language Marathi 
Category Contemporary Fiction, Novel

Book Summary

The size and weight of the book are enough to scare the reader but it also shows how even the minor details of the story of Krishna are also added here. The best part of this novel is that the story proceeds in a multi-facet manner – with different narrators. In this way, you get an idea to see Krishna from the eyes of other people – those who are closest to him. For example, the very first narrator is Krishna’s sister at Gokul who speaks about the special interaction of Krishna with water. 

Also, it is being told that when passing out of the Gokul, Krishna knows about all the Kingdoms and the kings. Besides, Krishna also describes the incidents he faced as a child and during his stay at Gokul, Sandipini Ashram, and Mathura. After spending a remarkable childhood, Krishna builds Dwarka, near the western Indian coast and starts a family with his seven wives. 

It’s Rukmini who introduces the readers to all Krishna’s wives and their lives on their family Island – Dwarka. After showing you the husband-side of Krishna, from the perspective of his wives, the story shifts to the Draupadi and Daruk who are one of the closest companions and confidantes of Krishna. Daruk highlights the exceptional fighting skills of Krishna whereas Draupadi brings Krishna’s efforts in limelight, among some important parts of the Indian community including Indraprastha, Pandavas, and Hastinapur. 

Speaking of friends then you get to know about Krishna’s personality as a friend while reading the story through the perspective of Udhdhav and Arjun. All in all, there would be hardly any aspect of Krishna’s life that is not touched by the author. 

Krishna insights

While turning the pages around, you get to know how great an insight Krishna has. It’s not only his unbeatable war abilities but also his capability to see the big picture, which makes him the great Ruler and leader. Whatever the situation is, Krishna can see what others can’t! He can understand what others can’t recognize. And still, due to having such a proud-worthy life and demeanor, you can see how closely Krishna is attached to his values and rituals. 

He knows how to respect a woman because he knows it’s the woman who serves as the foundation of the whole upcoming nation. And the best part is, he treats all the women with respect, without any inequality. The only sad part of Krishna’s life is his sons. Although not all of them are arrogant or walk in the footsteps of their father, some of them still come out to be a shame and threat to his empire. It was actually one of his sons who led to his kingdom’s downfall. 

People were dying to learn from Krishna and to understand what he knows but still, his story ends up with Krishna wondering if there’s actually someone who truly understands him. 

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