Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L. J. Smith PDF Download

Elena, the gorgeous and popular schoolgirl, is starting her high school year and living the life of queen since she gets everything she wants; either it’s grades or Boys. On the very first day of her school, a new student also enrolls himself and catches the attention of every girl – including Elena. The boy is Stephan who is not only handsome but also seems mysterious which makes him more attractive. You can download The vampire diaries the awakening pdf from here.

Book title Vampire Diaries: The Awakening
Author L. J. Smith Murthy
No. Of pages 117 Pages
PDF Size 506 KB
Language English 
Category Vampire diaries, Novel, Fiction, Romance

Book Summary

Even Stephan ignores Elena – a thing to which Elena is not accustomed. Thus Elena takes Stephan as a challenge and starts making plans with her girl squad to win Stephan’s love. Another popular girl from the high school, Caroline, also jumps into the competitors with Elena and tries various tactics to win Stephan. When Elena realizes that Caroline is getting closer to Stephan, she takes her girl besties to an abandoned cemetery, beside an abandoned church, and makes a blood oath. 

All the girls promise that they won’t reveal the secrets to each other nor would they go against each other by changing the party. While leaving the cemetery, Elena accidentally drops her hair ribbon there. On the other hand, Stephan’s story is told in the form of flashbacks where he sees how he loved a vampire, Katherine, and how his brother tried to murder him, numerous times, for that girl. 

So, one thing that’s clear about Stephan is that he’s a vampire who can come out in the sunshine, wearing a special ring. Also, Elena closely resembles Katherine which means Stephan is avoiding Elena, intentionally, for her benefit. In the meantime, some cases begin to report in the town about the mysterious deaths of homeless people who have been murdered by biting and draining out of the blood. 

On homecoming, Elena finally corners Stephan and asks him to dance with her to which Stephan refuses and picks Caroline to dance with him. Although Elena is on fire about this rejection and defeat to Caroline, she pretends that it didn’t bother her and starts dancing with another guy, Tyler. After the homecoming, the drunken Tyler tries to have sex with Elena against her consent. Somehow, Stephan appears at the scene and beats Tylor. 

He also offers to drop Elena at her house and when the ride ends, he kisses Elena. This makes Elena realize that it’s only Stephan who deserves to be the love of her life and she is happy that Stephan finally broke the wall between them. However, right the very next day, Stephan behaves as if nothing happened by distancing himself from Elena. She takes it as an insult and tries to persuade Stephan not to leave her like this. 

Stephen’s surrender

Stephan reluctantly surrenders to Elena’s wish and starts dating her officially. In the meantime, various events occur in which a handsome, unknown boy tries to perceive and kiss Elena but Elena doesn’t share this whole thing with Stephan. On the day of Halloween, when all the students are enjoying the Halloween party at school, they find the dead body; of a teacher.

Since Stephan is missing from the scene and these mysterious murders have started since Stephan arrived in town, everyone concluded Stephan is the murderer. Before they confront Stephan, Elena runs to his home to inform him and ask him to leave the town. However, on arriving there, she finds Stephan drinking blood from some strange-looking birds. This whole scene makes Elena confused and she asks for clarification. 

Stephen Confirmed as vampire

On this, Stephen discloses that he is a vampire, like his brother Demon (the boy who tried to perceive and kiss Elena). Both these boys fell in love with the same girl, centuries ago; Katherine, and demanded her to choose and convert one. However, Katherine converts both Stephan and Damon to Vampires and committed suicide by going in the sunshine without the special stone.

Since then, Demon is trying to take some sort of revenge on Stephan for Katherine’s death. Also, Stephan drinks the blood of animals and birds whereas Demon drinks the blood of humans so it’s also Demon who murdered the townspeople. After telling everything to Elena, Stephan scoots out of town but Demon confronts him in a forest and attacks him. He tries to drink Stephan’s blood which weakens Stephan which in turn makes him unconscious. 

When Elena can’t contact Stephan the next day, she realizes that something bad has happened to Stephan so she goes to the abandoned church and shouts the name of Demon, to call him. The novel ends here! 

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