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The power of intention is a self-help or self-development book by the famous author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer. Dyer has vast experience in changing the lives of people by changing their thoughts and perspectives. He also has been a New York best-selling author and keeps appearing on multiple TV and radio shows. You can download The power of intention pdf from here. 

Book title The Power of Intention
Author Wayne Dyer 
No. Of pages 272 pages 
PDF Size 11.07 MB
Language English 
Category Self-help, Spirituality 

Book Summary

Speaking of this publication, The Power Of Intention, it’s about how the destiny of every living thing in this universe depends upon intentions. It also describes the actual meaning of intentions and how your intentions influence your future and condition. And most importantly, this book gives you a chance to understand the connection between human beings and God and that’s the very reason why it’s the best book for all those who are more inclined toward spirituality. Some key takeaways from this book are as follows; 

Speaking of conventional wisdom, the intention is your strong will or determination to do something or achieve a specific goal. However, Wayne doesn’t approve of this definition of intentions and believes that intentions are much more powerful and influential than determination. 

The author says that it’s the intention that is the foundation and source of every creature, living in this universe. To explain this point further, he gives the example of human creation in which sperm and egg are intended to meet and form an embryo. After this, the embryo develops into an entire human body, makes specific facial features, and even after birth, modifies the child’s body and bones. Is it a child’s determination that makes him grow up into an adult? 

No, it’s the intention! The author further adds that, just like energy, intentions can’t be created or bound nor could they be destroyed since it’s in the form of an energy field that surrounds humans and also passes through them. So whatever is destined to happen, it’s all because of intentions. 

How do intentions influence your life? 

Since intentions comprise the most powerful energy, if a person learns how to connect with this power and control it, he can get capable of doing wonders. All you need to do is to try to build a connection with this energy source if you want to live a calm & peaceful life. 

The concept of intentions, described by Wayne Dyer lets you live peacefully in harmony with whatever’s going on around you, making you less ungrateful and anxious. Wondering where you could find intentions and the corresponding energy? Well, it’s in everything; wisdom, happiness, spirituality, and life. The sad part here is that most people don’t believe in this concept of intentions and that’s why most people out there are not even happy with their lives. 

Have you ever observed animals? Especially the wild, free animals who hunt to survive? Such animals are rarely seen as depressed because they trust in the infinite energy and their willpower rather than questioning everything. If you find it hard to trust intentions, it means you are suffering from the problem of ego. 

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