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Even though not even a single word about fictional stories is true, one thing that is, undoubtedly, one hundred percent correct is the concept of alpha males. Women crave for them and not only crave, but they can also literally throw themselves on such sorts of men with a single eye signal. You can download The game book pdf from here.

The game book pdf
Book title The Game
Author Neil Strauss
No. Of pages 468 pages 
PDF Size 2.1 MB 
Language English 
Category Relationship 

Book Summary

But, how can you become an alpha man? Is it about behaving rough and tough all the time and staying sober, quiet, and practicing speaking in a deep voice? We are sorry to break but this won’t help. So what will? That’s exactly what is described here. Neil Strauss, who used to be an average, or somewhat boring guy, spent a considerable part of his life among gurus and pickup experts and learned a lot about how to look attractive and seduce even the most unapproachable lady in the crowd. 

So this book is all about Neil’s valuable pieces of advice about how to pick up the woman of your dreams and make her fall in love with you. Besides telling you some unknown truths about dating, this publication also reveals the Don’ts of dating. So without further ado, let’s have a quick look at this game book’s key takeaways.

Use people’s assumptions in your favor

Do you think people around you think of you as foolish even if you are the smartest of them all? Well, if that’s the case then there’s nothing you need to change here. Don’t try to prove how smart you are, instead use their false assumptions in your favor to win the game. 

Do you remember the story of a turtle that was captured by a fox and wolf? The turtle uses their assumptions about him (that he is a fool and coward) to save his life. You can implement the same thing in your case and manipulate situations to get closer to your woman. Believe it or not, your image in people’s eyes (even if it’s fogged and stained) is a plus point for you, as long as it’s not your actual reflection.

Don’t lose your originality

An experiment was performed long ago in which a group of horny, grumpy, and lonely men are tutored by the best dating experts and relationship coaches. After they finished their training and were allowed to make girlfriends using whatever they learned, what happened was the strangest. 

Not even a single one of those men won a woman and ended up being more lonely, grumpy, and of course, frustratedly horny. The same kind of thing happened to Neil when he tried to win a lady with pick-up advice but nothing worked out. Finally, he won the lady by showing his true colors. 


The moral of this whole debate is, although learning, practicing, and improving your dating life with experts’ advice is recommended, you shouldn’t change your entire personality to someone you are not. Last but not the least, the most enticing thing for a woman which makes her fall for a man is his lifestyle. So, instead of focusing completely on the woman, you should turn your focus on getting the lifestyle and you won’t even need to work for anything. 

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