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So you have a unique story idea but don’t know how to make it sound impressive? Well, that’s the point at which most of the new writers find themselves stuck. To make your story gripping and a rapid page-turner, you need to work on your storytelling skill and for this purpose, this guide is the best. You can download The anatomy of story from here.

Book title The Anatomy of Story 
Author John Truby 
No. Of pages 504 pages
PDF Size 6.39 MB
Language English 
Category Screenwriting, Writing

Book Summary

Its author, John Truby is a screenwriting mentor, Hollywood scriptwriter, and world-famous story consultant. He has vast experience in how one can make the plot interesting without making it dragged. Unlike other books, this one doesn’t come with a plot or a novel-length example; instead, it holds twenty-two steps – a checklist, which can assure whether your story and the protagonist will become the new craze of the audience or not!

Writting Critaria

Truby believes that the process of writing should be based more on your desires than your ideas. You should start writing when you feel an irresistible desire for writing, not when you think that you can write. After feeling such a sort of urge to put your story into words, the very first thing you need to focus on is the character. Wondering why the character? 

Because it’s the most essential and fundamental part of every story, every novel, and every plotline. Every story begins with a character and then revolves around his desires, his actions to satisfy his desires, and the effects of those actions on other characters. So yes, you need to make your characters strong and justifying to make your story successful. 

Character properties

If you think your character seems too plain or too right, you can manipulate the reader slightly by adding psychological voices, reverse thoughts, and many other types of voices to complicate or spice up things. However, don’t forget that when achieving your goal of making a story interesting, you should not make your character do something that goes completely against his personality. 

For example, if your protagonist is a kind-hearted boy, you can’t turn him into a brutal serial killer, following some harsh incidents. Likewise, if your female protagonist is a virgin, an ethical girl who can die for her morality, you can’t make her look like a slut or show her as a sex worker for whatever the reasons are. 

Impressive storyteller

Besides educating the readers about how one can become an impressive storyteller, Truby also explains the top ten mistakes writers usually make while writing their stories. Even though their story idea is brilliant, these terrible mistakes can ruin the whole essence, making it a complete flop. In addition to this, Truby also highlights five common elements which are present in all blockbuster movies. You can use these story elements, too, to turn your raw, unappealing idea into something un-put-downable. 

Some other things which are explained in this book are the worst and best questions & practices about screenwriting, and the best techniques to make the plots and characters look unique. 

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