Spanish Short Stories for Beginners PDF Download

Nothing can be as intimidating as learning a new language. Thousands of new, hard-to-pronounce words can make anyone’s head spin, making him lost and overwhelmed. However, to make this process a bit easier and lighter on your mind and mood, the New York best-selling author, Barbara Oakley has authored this Spanish learning book with a special structure and theme. You can download Short stories in Spanish for beginners pdf from here.

Short stories in Spanish for beginners pdf
Book title Spanish Short Stories for Beginners
Author Barbara Oakley 
No. Of pages 79 pages
PDF Size 724 KB
Language English 
Category Books & Readings, Education 

Book Summary

The whole book consists of Spanish short stories which will keep your interest intact so you won’t feel bored or fed up during the learning process. Don’t worry about the complexity of words since Barbara has shortlisted the simplest yet gripping stories, in straightforward language so even a beginner can comprehend them. You might find some new words there too, but the purpose of using those words is nothing more than to expand your vocabulary. 

Generally, the guide is aimed at students of entry and intermediate levels but as an expert, this book will help you achieve the goal of practicing and enjoyment. Speaking of enjoyment, the stories that have been made a part of this book are of different genres. For example, from crime to thriller to romance to sci-fi to history, you’ll find Spanish stories in all genres.

Stories of all Age Group

Not only the genre but you’ll find stories for readers of all genders and age groups. Both the children and adult-based stories are there, flooding with Spanish descriptive adjectives and nouns. In this way, you can use the same book to improve your and your kids’ Spanish.  

Based on your level as a Spanish student, the stories are being told in a controlled language, using the most frequently used words, most of the time. Dialogues and phrases will even help improve your Spanish conversing skills and learn modern Spanish conversational expressions. Using these expressions in your daily life, you can sound more like a native. 

Best Part

However, the best part of this book is its glossary where the English meaning of bold words is written. Don’t worry since every short story comes with only one of two bolded words which ensure progressive learning. 

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