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Unable to speak English fluently like natives, even after years of practice? If so then this edition of the practice makes perfect series is what you require. This English conversation guide teaches you everything about sentence structure, sentence making, syntax, vocabulary, using newer words in daily conversations, and pronouncing them correctly. You can download Practice makes perfect English conversation pdf from here.

Book title Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation
Author Jean Yates 
No. Of pages 21 pages
PDF Size 472 KB 
Language English 
Category Education, Grammer , Textbook 

Book Summary

The book is designed keeping non-native English speakers in mind and that’s why it solely addresses the common issues they face while communicating in English. Whatever you’ll learn in each chapter, you’ll get to practice for it in the corresponding exercises. All the exercises are of ideal length – neither too long to make you bored nor too short to make you still confused about a concept. 

Besides speaking like natives, another area in which the author pays attention the most is enabling the reader to craft his personalized conversation style. This in turn will not only make you speak English fluently but also confidently, without fear of pronouncing a word wrong or making grammatical blunders. 

Conversing ideas

In addition to the exercises at the end of each chapter, the book also contains engaging dialogues which you can use in your daily life conversation to sound like a pro. To clear your point of view about these dialogues, each one comes with example situations, illustrating where each dialogue should be used. What other conversing ideas are being discussed in this English conversation guide, let’s have a quick look! 

  • Introducing yourself 
  • Expressing your likes, dislikes, and opinions 
  • Describing other people, things, and places
  • Striking up the conversation
  • Making appointments and dates
  • Expressing your needs and wants
  • Expressing your uncertainty and doubts
  • Making offers and requests
  • Retelling conversations
  • Narrating stories
  • Electronic conversation 

Appendix and glossary

In addition to these chapters, the book also contains an appendix and glossary for further reference and information. The best part of this converse guide is that throughout the book, the author uses words and sentences that are used commonly in daily conversations. In this way, when you are reading through the book, you are learning and practicing, simultaneously.  

As an English student, you might think that learning Grammar, tenses, and fancier words will make you speak English fluently and there’s no need to waste time learning how to converse in English precisely but that’s not the case. When talking to an English native speaker, you’ll notice how different and shorter native speakers sound from what was taught to you during English lectures. 

This difference arises due to cultural and conditional differences. Generally, the shorter the conversation or a sentence is, the less significant and informal it’s considered, and vice versa. Likewise, you speak formally, without sounding too harsh or dragged, by coming straight to the point. 

Similar to this, the book covers many other significant truths and facts about conversing in English daily, by avoiding pitfalls. Read, understand, and practice since it’s the only key to mastering this global language! 

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