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The only love is real is about another experience and revelation of Dr. Brian Weiss’s life who is a famous hypnotherapist, psychiatrist and supporter of previous life regression. Dr. Brian believes in the concept of past life and their associated links and connections. The main idea which is being advocated in this gripping love story is that the things like soulmates exist. You can download Only love is real pdf from here.

Book title Only Love is Real
Author Dr. Brian Weiss
No. Of pages 124 pages
PDF Size 499 KB
Language English 
Category Love story, Soulmates 

Book Summary

Dr. Brian is sharing the case study of his two patients named Elizabeth and Pedro. Both these patients of Dr. Brian approach him separately for the regression therapy in which Brian hypnotizes them and asks questions about their past life. On performing hypnosis on both of these patients separately, in different time frames and rooms, he finds a stunning resemblance in the past life events of these individuals. 

You must be thinking that there’s nothing special in it, that two people have the same sorts of life experiences, even though they have never met or interacted before. But Brian didn’t call his discovery a miracle only on finding a small resemblance. Instead, it’s the details of Elizabeth and Pedro’s life events that enabled Brian to find a connection between them. 

As a responsible therapist, Dr. Brian introduced these supposed soulmates to each other and now, they are happily married. From the story of Elizabeth and Pedro, Dr. Brian concluded that we exist in this world in the form of soul mates. In every life we get to live, we carry a piece of our soulmate in our hearts, even if we don’t meet him or her even once. Although the soul mates are destined to reunite in every life, the process takes time and effort (mental and emotional). 

Love Forms

Another interesting thing that is clear in this book is that it doesn’t matter that your soulmate must exist in the form of a romantic partner in every life. He or she may be a part of your life in any relationship, whether it’s mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, friend, or anyone with whom you feel at home. 

Wondering how you can find your soulmate? Well, unfortunately, there’s no direct answer to this question. If you are lucky enough, you might be connected to him somehow. In other cases, he might be a stranger whom you haven’t even seen or heard of before. However, the good thing is that our souls are connected to our soulmates – regardless of whether we have spent our whole lives with or without them.

Soulmate Meetup

Since the connection between the souls doesn’t ever break, whenever we come in front of our soulmate, we feel a sudden jolt, a strange, warm feeling of knowing. With this feeling, it will take you not more than a second to recognize your soulmate. All in all, when you finally come face to face with your soulmate, you’ll know and that’s the time when you’d have to trust your instincts the most. Do you believe in soulmates? Well, this real-life story of real-life characters will surely make you believe though! 

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