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Whether you are a writer who wants to spread his writing to every reader or a manufacturer who wants to market his products, the only thing that can help you reach the goal is the internet. In the form of blog posts and company websites, manufacturers and authors are spreading their messages all around the globe so if you also want to stay one step higher than your competitors, you need to build a website and showcase your offers there. You can download Learning web design pdf from here.

learning web design pdf
Book title Learning Web Design 
Author Jennifer Robbins
No. Of pages 621 Pages
PDF Size 54 MB
Language English 
Category Web designing, Computer

Book Summary

However, building a website is not that easy and even if you somehow manage to create one, it won’t serve you in any profitable way unless it has a catchy layout and helpful structure. There’s a whole, endless battle among thousands of websites to stay at the top ranking. And only one website is ranked at the topmost position which is designed perfectly, with the right tools, codes, and design elements. 

Understandably, not everyone out there knows web designing since some of us are completely naive in terms of computers and the internet. But don’t worry because books like learning web design are there to help you become a successful web designer. This web designing guide is all about educating the freshers, with zero prior knowledge, about how to build and design websites and web pages from scratch.

Designing Knowledge

Since the reader is assumed to be the one with no background knowledge of designing, it starts with the most basic point; teaching you how websites and web designs work. After this, the author moves to introduce readers to building HTML pages with links, texts, tables, forms, and images. 

Once created a web page, you’ll get the read about using design elements and style sheets for backgrounds, colors, page layout, formatting text, and simple animation. By the end of these chapters, you’ll be able to create high-quality web pages with all the helping elements and compatibility with mobile devices. 

Javascript Knowledge

However, this guide doesn’t end here since the advanced chapters explain JavaScript, its working, and its importance in the field of web designing so you can upgrade your skill and website when required. Lastly, the author describes the methods to keep your website efficient by optimizing its content and images. With these techniques, your website will not take forever to load and the user will be able to read and download the content in seconds. 

Quizzes & Excercises

The best part of this web designing guide is that each of its chapters comes with short quizzes and practical exercises so you can assess what you’ve learned. The revised editions of this book also touch on some more advanced and essential concepts like using CSS Grid and Flexbox to make page layouts flexible and sophisticated. 

Also, you’ll get to know about the modern tools used by the advanced, professional web designer including Glit and command line. Last but not the least, the author describes in detail the importance and strengths of SVG graphics along with all the ins and outs of an efficient and responsive web design. 

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