Learning React: Modern Patterns for Developing React Apps 2nd Edition PDF

JavaScript coding is becoming the new trend since more and more New web developers are using this vast programming language to make catchy interfaces and applications. These days, react – one of JavaScript’s libraries is getting quite popular. Wondering why? You can download Learning react pdf on this page.

Learning react PDF
Book title Learning React (2nd Edition)
Author Alex Banks & Eve Porcello
No. of pages 310 pages 
PDF Size 8 MB 
Language English 
Category Coding

Book Summary

Well, there are numerous reasons, for example, React is much simpler to use than other programming, especially JS libraries. Its super-easy components enabled even the newest developer to build amazing interfaces and apps, just after a couple of days. Not only this but the react community comprises expert developers that will help you learn and grow more. 

Likewise, the apps and interface built by reacting are much easier to maintain and optimized via SEO standards. And most importantly, these apps won’t show major performance issues due to being supported by the Virtual DOM feature. 

So, if you are also interested in learning it, this book is for you. 

This book is especially aimed at the newbies who don’t want to step into the deep sea of information, at once. Since coding is already a way too complicated field, the immense amount of information could make it super intimidating for beginners to process and digest it. Therefore, the authors of this book use the simplest language to clarify the concepts and introduce the reader to the latest trends. 


For example, authors begin by introducing you to some common JavaScript libraries, followed by the latest ECMAScript. If you don’t know then ECMA is the global organization that works for maintaining and systemizing technology across multiple platforms and countries. So if you learn and understand the fundamentals of ECMAScript, you’ll know what kind of interface is preferred in which country. 

Also, it will help you better understand how major platforms like Facebook manage to introduce new features that the majority of users like. The authors explain the whole process of using react components by the world’s biggest platforms and content distributors. You might be surprised to know that in addition to Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, and Instagram also support React libraries to facilitate the building of user-friendly UIs.

After discussing these fundamentals, Alex and Eve discuss in detail the stepwise guide for building best-performing react applications. All in all, you don’t need to possess any prior knowledge to learn to React with this JavaScript guide. 

Chapter Overview

The entire publication consists of twelve chapters and each one covers a specific topic. For example, the first chapter explains the react overview in detail. In the second chapter, the authors talk about React JavaScript functioning. In chapter three, functional programming is discussed in detail, using JavaScript. From this point, the main focus is shifted solely to Learning React since the authors brief how this JS library works in general coding and JSX. 

After discussing the functioning and overview, the reader comes across a detailed guide, consisting of multiple chapters. In these chapters, component enhancement, state management, data incorporation, react testing, suspense, react-router, and react server are discussed in detail. 

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