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Go giver is about the five laws of stratospheric success which promises profit not only in your professional life but also in your personal life. All these rules are an extract of hundreds of precious pieces of advice from business consultants, life coaches, and most successful businessmen. You can download Go giver pdf from here.

go giver pdf
Book title Go giver pdf
Author Bob Burg
No. Of pages 144 pages
PDF Size 325 KB 
Language English 
Category Self-help, business 

Although these laws were originally drawn to enable readers to unlock their dreams and goals, these rules also enhance the quality of your personal life. What are these laws and how do they change your life, let’s have a quick overview! 

Book Summary

Influence is one of the most important traits which makes you a successful and failing businessman. It’s your positive influence on your customers (and even the people you are emotionally connected with) that makes them trust you. And when they trust you, your intentions, or your services, you can persuade them for what seems impossible at first. 

But the question that arises here is how you can build a positive influence. Well, according to consultants and businessmen, the best way to make your personality positively influencing, you need to start giving more. Whether it’s a favor or a subtle discount, the more you give it, the more attractive you’ll become. When you help others, without expecting a return, those people will also want to see you getting successful and support you in your times of need. 

The art of receiving

Giving doesn’t come without receiving. For instance, when you give someone a favor, they appreciate it and say thank you. That’s the time when your way of receiving makes or breaks the whole deal. If you’d receive this appreciation arrogantly or rudely, your generosity will lose its value. 

On the other hand, if you receive appreciation humbly, with a smile or a warm hug, the value of your favor will increase tenfold. Practice receiving humbly and you’ll witness how brilliantly your personal and professional life shines. 

The law of originality

Never copy someone else’s personality or style since by copying, you’ll not only be considered a failed double but also lose your originality. Remember that your authenticity is the most precious thing you can ever offer in all sorts of relationships. So if you want to build real connections, try to stay as original as possible, by avoiding manipulation techniques. 

The law of value

If you want to get paid better, you need to make sure that the service you are providing is of high quality. So if you think you are not being paid or not generating enough revenue, it directly means you need to enhance your work quality. 

You need to ask yourself how much your work or your service can prove valuable to others. Once you start focusing more on the value you deliver, you’ll automatically reach the target revenue, without worrying a lot. 

The law of compensation

The last of these five laws is the law of compensation which states that the more you compensate for others’ well-being, the more profit you generate. Remember that it’s not only the number of customers you serve but also how you serve them which determines your overall income. 

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