Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury PDF Download (All Parts)

Fahrenheit 451 is about a futuristic society where almost everything is opposite to our world. There, people don’t talk about emotions and nature. People spend most of their time watching TV or listening to the radio. They are not charged for Overspeed instead, it’s a rule there to drive the cars at the fastest speed. Likewise, reading any type of literature is completely banned there and the government has hired special firemen for burning books and pieces of literature. You can download Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury pdf from here.

Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury pdf
Book title Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury pdf
Author Ray Bradbury
No. Of pages 158 pages 
PDF Size 687 KB
Language English 
Category Novel

Book Summary

Whenever someone makes a call or the fire alarm rings, it means books are found at the given place so the firemen run to the location, burning the books immediately. Montag is also a fireman who is happy and content with his job and married life. One day, A seventeen-year-old girl, Clarisse moves to Montag’s neighborhood. Clarisse is quite chatty and unlike others, she loves to spend time observing nature, and dew drops, and seeks intellect. 

Her constant interactions and conversations with Montag finally open the eyes of Montag and he begins to see the world with Clarisse’s eyes. Still, due to the nature of his job, he doesn’t find it in him to read books but one day, he gets the news of Clarisse’s death. The cause of death is more shocking for Montag; someone hits her while driving at an alarmingly high speed. This incident disturbs their mental peace of Montag and he finally begins to think about whether this society and its rules are good. 

Montage Changing Behaviour

On the same day, Montag finds his wife, Mildred overdosed on sleeping pills. Luckily Mildred gets the medical aid on time but the next day, she doesn’t feel ashamed of her carelessness – Another event to disturb Montag. Due to this tension and the new turn his life is taking, Montag turns into an introvert and starts spending more time at home, taking leave on working days. 

On this, Montag’s boss lectures him and even encourages him to read some books so he would find out why literature is prohibited in this society. Thus, Montag steals some books from the places where he was supposed to burn them, takes these books to his home, and starts reading them. Since he didn’t read books ever before, he finds the process way too difficult so he asks Mildred for help but she refuses to do so.

Montage contacts with English Teacher

After getting disappointed in his wife’s attitude, Montag decides to contact an English professor, Faber, whom he met long ago. Faber agrees to help Montag but also makes him promise to retrieve and preserve the books, instead of burning them, from now on. On turning more and more pages and reading more and more books, Montag gets to see a new world or the world from a new perspective. 

He even wants to educate others about what divine pleasure and information books contain but he couldn’t since Faber made him promise not to reveal what he’s doing. Otherwise, the government won’t only fire him from the job but also charge him with a long brutal sentence. However, one day, Montag accidentally spits out some lines of poetry in front of Mildred’s friends which they dislike a lot. 

Even Mildred finds it quite humiliating that her husband, who is a fireman, is now preaching what’s written in the prohibited books. Thus, she rings the fire alarm and leaves Montag alone in the house. The fireworks reach Montag’s place, retrieve the books from Montag’s possession and arrest him. 

Montag Asks for the Favor

However, Montag somehow manages to break the jail, dig out the books he hid in his backyard, and run to Faber’s house. Faber tells Montag that he’s also moving to St. Louis since the police are also suspecting his involvement in literature. Montag asks for the last favor from Faber and borrows his clothes. After leaving Faber’s house, Montag scoots to the river, changes into Faber’s clothes, and starts swimming down the hill. 

After swimming and walking for some days, Montag finally reaches an abandoned city where a group of book lovers greet him and allow him to join their group, and the mission; is to work for preserving literature and ending the brutal, foolish rules of their society. 

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