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Possesses a passion for designing identities for new brands? Or are you responsible for the marketing and branding of a company? If so, then this design education guide is a must-have addition to your bookshelf. Whether you are looking for an affordable way to design your brand guidelines or building brands as a designer for others, this comprehensive guide contains guidelines for everything. You can download Designing brand identity pdf on this page.

Designing brand identity pdf
Book title Designing Brand Identity
Author Alina Wheeler
No. Of pages 321 pages
PDF Size 20 MB
Language English 
Category Education 

Book Summary

Unlike other brand books which cover only the major points of branding while leaving the minor points untouched, this book covers every aspect of building brand designs, from start to end. For example, it starts by telling you how to identify, categorize, and understand your stakeholders. For this purpose, the author states in detail the questions that you should ask the company owner at the start, middle, and end of your branding project. 

Furthermore, he describes how to conduct meaningful and productive research to clarify your strategy by creating the major touchpoints to design identity. After this, you’d get to know about the elements that should and shouldn’t be a part of your design approach. These elements will, in turn, help to maintain the branding standards. 

In the end, the author will discuss briefly how you should assign and share these branding elements with your teammates to present to the rest of the world. And if you are an expert who knows everything mentioned away, the book still has something you’ll not know; how to diffuse that creator block and let the ongoing branding project move forward smoothly. 

To make this rich source of information not so overwhelming, the book is divided into three major sections as follows

  • Fundamentals/Basics clarifies the difference between different brands and their corresponding identities. Also, this section covers the qualities it takes to be the ultimate best in your field.
  • Procedure/process which mainly answers your queries about why a campaign fails or why it takes this long to gain brand recognition. Also, this part covers whatever issue you face while making crucial decisions or confirming collaborations. 
  • Examples/Practices which cover some real-time projects & designs that are recommended greatly by famous brands and consultants. 

Book features

For further explanation, some remarkable case studies have also been made a part of this publication, stating insights about how iconic brands managed to develop and redevelop their branding so they can grab the attention of more audiences and build a remarkable reputation. The brands whose success stories are shared here are Starbucks, FedEx, Kleenex, Spectrum Health, Coca Cola and IBM Watson. 

Rather than stuffing theoretical information in the form of plain prose text, the book features colorful blocks, columns, and diagrams. Almost every page has an introductory paragraph, some sort of graphics, and then the table. In this way, the information doesn’t feel overwhelming for the reader to absorb. All in all, if you need more cohesive writing in a straightforward prose fashion, you might not find it very useful. However, if you are looking for a book for a quick reference, this is your go-to read.

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