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Practice makes perfect series consists of seven books and all of these books possess a remarkable reputation for their accuracy. That’s also the reason why all these books are best-selling and the first choice of all learners and tutors. This edition of Complete French one book is a mix of all the seven best-selling publications of the series, offering excellent value to all the french learners out there. You can download Complete french all in one pdf from here.

Complete french all in one pdf
Book title Complete French All in One
Author Annie Heminway 
No. Of pages 657 pages 
PDF Size 34.77 MB
Language English & French 
Category Education

Book Summary

Before moving toward what this edition holds, let’s have a quick look at the life and achievements of its author; Annie Haminway. She mainly teaches Grammar, translation, creative writing, classic, African cinema, and Francophone literature along with being a French editor. She also has served a lot as a French interpreter, publisher, and translator for Francophone publishers and was awarded by the French government for promoting this language. 

Whether you have a tutor or learning this language on your own, only this french guide is sufficient to accomplish the goal. From basic terminologies to Grammar to sentence making and implementing the language in daily life conversation, it covers everything. In case you find yourself stuck somewhere or unable to process the meaning of a word, you can head to the index page for a super quick reference. From this index page, you can find the grammatical explanation of all the french phrases and words. 

Recently, the third edition of this Complete french all-in-one publication has been published which comes with newer example sentences and audiobook references so you can not only extend your french vocabulary but also improve your pronunciation to listen and communicate better. In addition to this, this one-stop french resource comes with numerous practice exercises to make its reader fluent in french.

Practice makes perfect series

Have you purchased all the titles of the Practice makes perfect series? If not then it’s your golden opportunity to not spend your hard-earned wages on different books. As the name implies, this Complete french all in one guide contains almost all the popular french titles of the series including French Vocabulary, Complete French Grammar, French pronouns and prepositions, French nouns and their Genders up Close, French problem solver, French Verb Tenses. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a tutor or can’t afford specialized french classes since the practices, exercises, and the entire content is presented in a highly comprehensive approach. With this reader-friendly layout, you can determine the pace and level of learning French, as per your schedule and mental capability. Also, there’s a progress tracker with which you assess and evaluate your progress. 


With hundreds of hands-on practices, you’ll get a chance to practice unlimitedly – no doubt why the series has the name; Practice makes Perfect. If you stick to your goal of learning French and give this workbook a few minutes of your daily life, you’ll be able to overcome your fears of speaking laughable French with poor verbs and Grammar. The last and most highlighted aspect of this book is flashcards which help in memorizing new terms. 

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