504 Absolutely Essential Words by Murrey Bromberg PDF Download

Struggling to speak fluently or putting your thoughts into exact words? If so, then this is the only book that can help you out of this problem. This vocabulary-building guide is aimed at all mid and high school students, task takers, and English learners who find it hard to speak English fluently or communicate like English natives. You can download 504 Absolutely essential words pdf from here.

504 absolutely essential words pdf
Book title 504 Absolutely Essential Words
Author Murrey Bromberg 
No. Of pages 209 pages 
PDF Size 9.92 MB
Language English
Category Education, Vocabulary

Book Summary

Unlike other vocabulary-building books, this one is not loaded with random English words but only with the absolutely essential ones. The best part of this book is that it teaches you new words and the way to use them in sentences and communication, at a slow pace. Even science confirms that the more time it takes to learn something, the more it takes to forget it. 

All the 504 absolutely essential words are present in the form of multiple lessons where each lesson comes with only twelve new words for the reader to learn and practice. Every word is then used in short & long sentences and short articles so you can better grasp its meaning and the point where it suits the best. Once you think that you have learned the new words, you can head to the quiz & exercise section. 


There, you’d find multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blanks sorts of exercises to assess what and to what extent you’ve memorized the word. Every day, before starting the new lesson, you better go through all the previous exercises to make sure you are not forgetting previously-memorized words while memorizing the new ones. Most importantly, these exercises will help you track your progress and evaluate whether you are proceeding with the right pace or if you need to slow down. 

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